How It Works

We cook in front of you and provide a thoroughly entertaining experience, so awesome it’s eye-opening in which surpasses any TV chief.

What we provide

At Ginza Teppanyaki we offer in your home Mobile Teppanyaki.

We will bring in all the equipment, grill, serve ware, delicious food to cook, and perform to a minimum of 10 people.

Watch the chef perform knife tricks, egg tricks, juggle spatulas, and make you laugh.

All you need to do is invite the guests and enjoy the show! We will do the clean-up.

This is Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine. The standard menu consists of:

  • Salad with sesame dressing
  • Yum-yum prawns
  • Seared scallops
  • Flying fried rice
  • Seasonal fried vegetables
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Tender eye fillet

So how does it work?

Your first step, if you haven’t already taken it, is to go to our booking page and request a booking.

After that we’ll give you call and organise the details.

Here’s what we need

In order to give you the best outcome. We require a minimum of 3×3 metre open area where we can setup a gazebo for the Teppanyaki grill and working space.

Therefore, we can provide our exquisite gourmet experience for your own personal entertainment.
Weather dependent, we can cook and serve into your house, building, or garage, through a large door. Otherwise, we can cook and entertain outside, on an open porch, balcony, or lawn, for the best outcome and performance.

We ideally prefer an active outdoor area, due to the amount of flames and cooking fumes.


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